I’m a fan of sharing data. You can find some of the data I have collected, cleaned, and/or used in my research on this page. I post these datasets with small explanations.

Indonesian Local Council Elections (DPRD-II), 2004-2014.

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This is a harmonized dataset of local parliamentary election returns from the 2004, 2009, and 2014 Indonesian legislative elections. The original results were drawn from the hard copy election results held in the electoral commission’s archives in Jakarta. The dataset was digitized with  Gareth Nellis, Seth Soderborg, and Michael Weaver.

Indonesian Legislative Candidate Profiles, 2019.

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This dataset contains information on approximately 241,000 candidates for legislative office (DPR, DPRD-I, DPRD-II) in the 2019 Indonesian elections. Complete entries includes variables for candidate education, religion, occupation, and platform statements. The dataset was scraped from the Indonesian Electoral Commision’s (KPU) website (example).

Indonesian National Election Results, 2019.

These are the voting booth-level results for the 2019 Indonesian election. It contains vote totals from nearly 700,000 voting booths for both the presidential and legislative contests. These results were collected jointly with Seth Soderborg.

Indonesian Local Laws (DPRD-II), 1951-2018.

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This dataset contains over 17,000 laws passed by local parliaments in Indonesia between 1951-2018. Each entry contains information on the name of the district, the title of the law, and the year in which it was passed.

Bangladeshi Parliamentary Elections, 1991-2008.

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This dataset contains the constituency level election returns for Bangladesh’s national parliamentary elections in 1991, 1996, 2001, and 2008. The results were scraped from the national electoral commission’s website in 2016.