published papers 

2024. Third Time’s The Charm: The Youth Vote and Prabowo’s Victory in The 2024 Indonesian Presidential Election (with R. Toha and N. Sumaktoyo). Pacific Affairs. (paper)

2023. City Size and Public Service Access: Evidence From Brazil and Indonesia (with A. Post). Perspectives on Politics. (paper) (replication file)

2023. Failing The Test: The Countervailing Attitudinal Effects of Civil Service Examinations. American Political Science Review. (paper) (replication file) (analysis plan) (blog)

2023. The Representational Consequences of Municipal Civil Service Reform (with A. Sahn). American Political Science Review. (paper) (replication file)

2022. The Long-Run Consequences of The Opium Concessions for Outgroup Animosity on Java. World Politics. (paper) (replication file)

2021. Does Electing Extremists Increase Violence and Intolerance? (with G. Nellis and M. Weaver). British Journal of Political Science. (paper) (replication file) (analysis plan) (blog)

2021. Encouraging Indonesians to Pray from Home During the COVID-19 Pandemic (with S. Mujani and T. Pepinsky). The Journal of Experimental Political Science. (paper) (replication file) (analysis plan) 

2020. The Effect of Electing Female Candidates on Attitudes Towards Intimate Partner Violence. The Journal of Politics. (paper) (replication file)

2020. Who Believed Misinformation During The 2019 Indonesian Election? (with S. Mujani). Asian Survey. (paper) (erratum)

unpublished papers & in progress

Nations That Never Were: A Comparative Study of Nationalism in Colonial Southeast Asia.
[working paper]

Bureaucratic Selection as a Sieve and a Crucible: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence from Indonesia.
[working paper]
Frustrated Expectations and Election Denialism.
[working paper]

Climate Crisis and Policy Inaction in Indonesia (with A. Hsiao).
[working paper]

Observing The Transformation of Religious Identity Through Indonesian Naming Practices (with T. Pepinsky and J. Kuipers)
[working paper]

Examining Resentment: How Standardized Testing Motivates a Gendered Conservative Backlash (with S. Sun You). 
[working paper]

The Indonesian Public Sector Wage Premium.
[resting paper]

Does Religious Practice Increase Support for Democratic Norms? Evidence from North Africa.
[resting paper]